008 Exormisms

In this episode, CJ tells us about the alleged demonic possession and exorcism of Michael Taylor and Alex recounts the mysterious circumstances surrounding the “missing men of Boston”.

Content Warnings: graphic violence, pedophilia

Talking points: into the wild, the wild truth, chris mccandless, carine mccandless, jon krakauer, demonic possession, michael taylor, missing men of boston, jonathan dailey, smiley face killer, conspiracy theory

Michael Taylor sources:
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Michael Taylor photos:
Michael & Christina Taylor
Michael Taylor

Missing men sources:
Cryptid Antiquarian article
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Boston Globe article 2
Awesome Jelly article
Reddit thread

Missing men photos:
Smiley face graffiti
Boston police boat
Jonathan Dailey

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007 Cadaver Manatees

Join us for episode 7 where Lauren discusses the mysterious disappearance of SCUBA diver Ben McDaniel and Alex recounts the unsolved murders of two women both named Mary Morris.

Talking points: east area rapist, golden state killer, and then there were none, ben mcdaniel, cadaver dogs, someone knows something, cadaver manatees, mary lou morris, mary mcginnis morris, stiff, into the water

Ben McDaniel sources:
Wikipedia article
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“Someone Knows Something” podcast, season 1, episode 5 “Breeze & Grief” (cadaver dogs)

Ben McDaniel pictures:
Ben McDaniel
Vortex Spring (aerial shot)
Cave “gate”
Cave warning sign
Cave interior
Ben McDaniel commemorative stone in cave
Video of 4 restrictions

Mary Morris sources:
ABC News article
Mamamia article
Unsolved article
Reddit thread
Unsolved Mysteries wiki

Mary Morris pictures:
Mary Lou (left) and Mary McGinnis (right)

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006 Muneral

Join us for a much lighter episode that involves ghostly court testimony and hidden pirate treasure!

Highlights: columbine, school shootings, greenbrier ghost, west virginia, greenbrier bunker, pirates, la buse, olivier levasseura, hidden treasure,

Greenbrier Ghost sources:
Prairie Ghosts article
Wikipedia article

Greenbrier Ghost photos:
Zona Heaster
Mary Jane Heaster
Zona and Edward
Zona and Edward’s home
Artist’s depiction of ghostly visit
Artist’s depiction of autopsy
Zona’s gravestone
Greenbrier Ghost road sign

La Buse sources:
Wikipedia article
Cryptogram article
Golden Age of Piracy article
Telegraph article
BBC article

La Buse photos:
Jolly Roger flag
La Buse’s tombstone
Cryptogram 2
Cryptogram cipher

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005 Insect Activity

Hello and welcome to Wicked and Weird! New title, same game. Today, CJ discusses the unsolved murder of the Lady of the Dunes and Alex recounts the murder of Mark Kilroy.

Highlights: title change, lady of the dunes, jaws, whitey bulger, unsolved mystery, unidentified body, buckskin girl, mark kilroy, adolfo de jesus constanzo, cults, human sacrifice

Lady of the Dunes sources:
Wikipedia page
Mass Live article
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Whitey Bulger “The Moth” podcast episode

Lady of the Dunes photos:
Composite sketch 1
Composite sketches 2
Composite sketch 3
Crime scene **WARNING: GRAPHIC**
“Jaws” extra
Whitey Bulger
Hadden Clark
LotD’s unmarked grave

Mark Kilroy sources:
Wikipedia page
Rolling Stone article
People article
Bizarre & Grotesque article
Documentary (YouTube)

Mark Kilroy photos:
Mark Kilroy 1
Mark Kilroy 2
Adolfo de Jesús Constanzo
Cauldron used by cult

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004 Crooks & Nannies

Welcome! In this ep, Alex tells CJ and Lauren about the truly haunting murder of Tatiana “Tanya” Strakhova from Russia, and Lauren discusses the years-long stalking case of Melissa Anelli, famed Harry Potter fandom expert.

Content warning: sexual assault, murder, toxic masculinity, stalking, emotional abuse, psychological abuse

Highlights: russian social politics, tanya strakhova, artyom iskhakov, harry potter, melissa anelli, jessica parker, jk rowling

Tanya Strakhova sources:
Meduza article
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Tanya Strakhova photos:
Tanya Strakhova

Melissa Anelli sources:
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Melissa’s Tumblr

Criminal episode
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Tripwire article
Reddit AMA

Melissa Anelli photos:
Melissa Anelli
Jessica’s blog post 1
Jessica with Anelli’s book
Anonymous Tumblr message 1
Anonymous Tumblr message 2
Jessica’s tattoo

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003 Pigman and the Curse of the Rocks

Today, CJ tells us the story of Sam Harris, the Pigman of Vermont, and Lauren recounts the strange stories of cursed rocks coming out of the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona.

Highlights: Pigman, Sam Harris, Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona, stealing things from college because you’re poor

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Sam Harris/Pigman sources:
1. http://www.paranormal-encounters.com/wp/the-pigman-of-northfield-vermont/
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3. http://cryptidz.wikia.com/wiki/Pigman

Petrified Forest National Park sources:
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6. https://www.newyorker.com/tech/elements/slide-show-bad-luck-petrified-forest
7. http://theiceplant.cc/product/bad-luck-hot-rocks/

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002 Tenter Tamtrums

Content warning: severe child abuse, sexual assault

Join us for episode two where Alex tells the story of “feral child” Genie, CJ discusses the mysterious Connecticut River Valley killer, and Lauren sits back and listens (mostly).

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Highlights: feral child Genie, the Connecticut River Valley Killer, Michelle McNamara, Romanian orphanages, still no outro (bad)

Genie (feral child) sources:




Connecticut River Valley Killer sources:


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