015 Hyperbolic Chamber

July is kicking our respective butts, so welcome to Wicked and Weird: Current Events where we just shoot the shit about the wicked and equally weird shit going on in our world today. In this ep, we cover the case of Barbara Coombes who recently went to jail for killing her father, and we talk about the spectacular failure of TanaCon.

Human-looking cat

Barbara Coombes sources:
BBC article
The Guardian article

Barbara Coombes pictures:
Coombes, her father, father’s burial site

TanaCon sources:
Verge article
NY Magazine article
Shane Dawson docu-series
Tana’s video about Vidcon
Twitter thread

TanaCon pictures:
Tana Mongeau
Michael Weist

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014 I Believe in Dogs

In episode 14, Lauren and CJ bring you the unsolved missing persons case of Rachel Cooke and the totally true conspiracy theory “Paul is dead”.

Recs of the Week: going to concerts, the Spenser series
Wreck of the Week: In the Woods by Tana French

Talking points: rachel cooke, paul mccartney, missing persons, conspiracy theory, the beatles, paul is dead

Rachel Cooke sources:
ID Channel “Disappeared”, Season 4, Episode 1: “Running for Her Life”
CrimeWatch (YouTube)
KXAN article
Charley Project page

Rachel Cooke pictures:
Rachel Cooke
Rachel Cooke 2
Persons of interest
Michael Keith Moore

Paul sources:
Wikipedia article
Michigan Daily article
Beatle.net article
All That’s Interesting article
Snopes article
Time magazine article

Paul pictures:
Life magazine cover
Paul is Live cover
Batman, June 1970
Yesterday and Today album cover
Paul (L) and William Shears Campbell (R)
Abbey Road album cover
Sgt. Pepper’s album cover

013 Assassin Hype Man

Lucky number 13! Let’s talk about the nearly botched assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and the strange story of Treva Throneberry.

Content warning: pedophilia, sexual abuse, rape, suicide

Rec of the Week: Marcella

Talking points: marcella, franz ferdinand, treva throneberry, brianna stewart

Franz sources:
NY Times article
History article 1
History article 2
History article 3
Wikipedia article
Sandwich myth

Franz pictures:
Anti-Serb pogrom aftermath 
Princip’s gun
Princip arrested
Car Ferdinand rode in
Gavrilo Princip
Franz Ferdinand
Ferdinand and wife before assassination

Treva sources:
Texas Monthly article
Wikipedia article
NY Times article

Treva pictures:
Treva at 16
Treva graduating (the first time)
Treva at 14
Treva’s poem
Brianna Stewart
Brianna Stewart 2
Sadie Hawkins dance photo w/ Ken
Brianna Stewart in Homecoming dress
Brianna in court

012 Dead Cold Cold Dead

Strap in for episode 12 and get ready to hear Alex recount the terrifying voyeurism of the New Jersey Watcher and learn all about CJ’s hometown cryptid, Champ, the lake Champlain sea monster.

Rec of the Week: American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace

Talking points: american crime story, gianni versace, andrew cunanan, oj simpson, jonbenet ramsay, killing eve, new jersey watcher, champ, lake champlain, sea monster, cryptids

Watcher sources:
Gawker article
Gawker article 2
Gothamist article
NY Times article
Washington Post article
Reddit thread
Reddit thread 2
USA Today article
USA Today article 2
news.com.au article
North Jersey article

Watcher pictures:
New Jersey house
Zillow listing

Champ sources:
Wikipedia article
ASA journal article
Champ history article
Lake Champlain history page
Genesis Park article

Champ pictures/video:
Champ footage 1
Champ footage 2 (1985)
Champ footage 3
Champ footage 4
Champ footage 5
Uhaul Champ
Champ sightings sign
Iconic Champ photo

011 People Die

We’re happy to bring you episode 11 of Wicked and Weird wherein Alex talks about Anatoly Moskvin AKA the Russian dollmaker and Lauren takes a rather skeptic look at the Dear David story by Adam Ellis.

Rec of the Week: Dicte

Talking points: dicte, danish cinema, anatoly moskvin, russian dollmaker, adam ellis, creepypasta, dear david

Moskvin sources:
CNN article
BBC article
Wikipedia article
Reddit thread
Nnovgorod article (Russian)
YouTube news clip (Russian)
Kriminalnn article (Russian)

Moskvin pictures:
Antoly Moskvin

Dear David sources:
Wakelet (full thread)
Adam Ellis’ Twitter
Reddit debunking thread

Dear David photos:
David drawing by Adam
David photo

010 Breaking Brad

Did you miss us? We’re back! In this episode, CJ tells us about the first ever UFO sighting in the United States and Lauren recounts the bloody exploits of Countess Elizabeth Báthory.

P.S. Sorry about CJ’s audio. I blame UFOs.

CW: Mentions of torture

Rec of the Week: “Behind Closed Doors” by B.A. Paris

Highlights: behind closed doors, ba paris, john winthrop, city on a hill, elizabeth bathory, erzebet bathory, opera

UFO sources:
History article
New England Today article
Celebrate Boston article
Wikipedia article

UFO pictures:
John Winthrop

Elizabeth Bathory sources:
Wikipedia article
Crime Reads article

Elizabeth Bathory pictures:
Elizabeth Bathory
Elizabeth Bathory 2
Ferenc Nadasdy
Cachtice Castle (artistic reconstruction)
Cachtice Castle ruins
Cachtice Castle ruins 2

009 Pigeon-lickin’ City-slickin’ Hodags

In today’s ep, Lauren tells the story of the 2013 Alabama bunker hostage crisis, and CJ introduces us to the Wolfman of Clark’s Trading Post.

CONTENT WARNING: brief discussion of graphic/violent animal death

Talking points: dublin murder squad, jimmy lee dykes, 2013 alabama bunker hostage crisis, 911 calls, wolfman of clark’s trading post

Jimmy Lee Dykes sources:
Wallstreet Journal article
NY Daily News article
Wikipedia article

JLD pictures:
School sign commemorating Chuck
Chuck Poland
Jimmy Lee Dykes
Aerial view of bunker
PVC pipe used to communicate
Bunker interior

Wolfman sources:
Clark’s Trading Post site
Wolfman recipes
Trip Advisor review
Boston news article
YouTube video of Wolfman

Wolfman pictures:
Wolfman 1
Wolfman 2
Wolfman 3