014 I Believe in Dogs

In episode 14, Lauren and CJ bring you the unsolved missing persons case of Rachel Cooke and the totally true conspiracy theory “Paul is dead”.

Recs of the Week: going to concerts, the Spenser series
Wreck of the Week: In the Woods by Tana French

Talking points: rachel cooke, paul mccartney, missing persons, conspiracy theory, the beatles, paul is dead

Rachel Cooke sources:
ID Channel “Disappeared”, Season 4, Episode 1: “Running for Her Life”
CrimeWatch (YouTube)
KXAN article
Charley Project page

Rachel Cooke pictures:
Rachel Cooke
Rachel Cooke 2
Persons of interest
Michael Keith Moore

Paul sources:
Wikipedia article
Michigan Daily article
Beatle.net article
All That’s Interesting article
Snopes article
Time magazine article

Paul pictures:
Life magazine cover
Paul is Live cover
Batman, June 1970
Yesterday and Today album cover
Paul (L) and William Shears Campbell (R)
Abbey Road album cover
Sgt. Pepper’s album cover


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