013 Assassin Hype Man

Lucky number 13! Let’s talk about the nearly botched assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and the strange story of Treva Throneberry.

Content warning: pedophilia, sexual abuse, rape, suicide

Rec of the Week: Marcella

Talking points: marcella, franz ferdinand, treva throneberry, brianna stewart

Franz sources:
NY Times article
History article 1
History article 2
History article 3
Wikipedia article
Sandwich myth

Franz pictures:
Anti-Serb pogrom aftermath 
Princip’s gun
Princip arrested
Car Ferdinand rode in
Gavrilo Princip
Franz Ferdinand
Ferdinand and wife before assassination

Treva sources:
Texas Monthly article
Wikipedia article
NY Times article

Treva pictures:
Treva at 16
Treva graduating (the first time)
Treva at 14
Treva’s poem
Brianna Stewart
Brianna Stewart 2
Sadie Hawkins dance photo w/ Ken
Brianna Stewart in Homecoming dress
Brianna in court


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