012 Dead Cold Cold Dead

Strap in for episode 12 and get ready to hear Alex recount the terrifying voyeurism of the New Jersey Watcher and learn all about CJ’s hometown cryptid, Champ, the lake Champlain sea monster.

Rec of the Week: American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace

Talking points: american crime story, gianni versace, andrew cunanan, oj simpson, jonbenet ramsay, killing eve, new jersey watcher, champ, lake champlain, sea monster, cryptids

Watcher sources:
Gawker article
Gawker article 2
Gothamist article
NY Times article
Washington Post article
Reddit thread
Reddit thread 2
USA Today article
USA Today article 2
news.com.au article
North Jersey article

Watcher pictures:
New Jersey house
Zillow listing

Champ sources:
Wikipedia article
ASA journal article
Champ history article
Lake Champlain history page
Genesis Park article

Champ pictures/video:
Champ footage 1
Champ footage 2 (1985)
Champ footage 3
Champ footage 4
Champ footage 5
Uhaul Champ
Champ sightings sign
Iconic Champ photo


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