007 Cadaver Manatees

Join us for episode 7 where Lauren discusses the mysterious disappearance of SCUBA diver Ben McDaniel and Alex recounts the unsolved murders of two women both named Mary Morris.

Talking points: east area rapist, golden state killer, and then there were none, ben mcdaniel, cadaver dogs, someone knows something, cadaver manatees, mary lou morris, mary mcginnis morris, stiff, into the water

Ben McDaniel sources:
Wikipedia article
Leisure Pro article
Ben’s father’s comments
Commercial Appeal article
Paul McDaniel Foundation
Documentary, “Ben’s Vortex”
Investigation Discovery, “Disappeared” season 5, episode 11 “Vortex”
“Someone Knows Something” podcast, season 1, episode 5 “Breeze & Grief” (cadaver dogs)

Ben McDaniel pictures:
Ben McDaniel
Vortex Spring (aerial shot)
Cave “gate”
Cave warning sign
Cave interior
Ben McDaniel commemorative stone in cave
Video of 4 restrictions

Mary Morris sources:
ABC News article
Mamamia article
Unsolved article
Reddit thread
Unsolved Mysteries wiki

Mary Morris pictures:
Mary Lou (left) and Mary McGinnis (right)

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