006 Muneral

Join us for a much lighter episode that involves ghostly court testimony and hidden pirate treasure!

Highlights: columbine, school shootings, greenbrier ghost, west virginia, greenbrier bunker, pirates, la buse, olivier levasseura, hidden treasure,

Greenbrier Ghost sources:
Prairie Ghosts article
Wikipedia article

Greenbrier Ghost photos:
Zona Heaster
Mary Jane Heaster
Zona and Edward
Zona and Edward’s home
Artist’s depiction of ghostly visit
Artist’s depiction of autopsy
Zona’s gravestone
Greenbrier Ghost road sign

La Buse sources:
Wikipedia article
Cryptogram article
Golden Age of Piracy article
Telegraph article
BBC article

La Buse photos:
Jolly Roger flag
La Buse’s tombstone
Cryptogram 2
Cryptogram cipher

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