005 Insect Activity

Hello and welcome to Wicked and Weird! New title, same game. Today, CJ discusses the unsolved murder of the Lady of the Dunes and Alex recounts the murder of Mark Kilroy.

Highlights: title change, lady of the dunes, jaws, whitey bulger, unsolved mystery, unidentified body, buckskin girl, mark kilroy, adolfo de jesus constanzo, cults, human sacrifice

Lady of the Dunes sources:
Wikipedia page
Mass Live article
Celebrate Boston article
Boston Globe article
Ranker article
Splinter News article
Whitey Bulger “The Moth” podcast episode

Lady of the Dunes photos:
Composite sketch 1
Composite sketches 2
Composite sketch 3
Crime scene **WARNING: GRAPHIC**
“Jaws” extra
Whitey Bulger
Hadden Clark
LotD’s unmarked grave

Mark Kilroy sources:
Wikipedia page
Rolling Stone article
People article
Bizarre & Grotesque article
Documentary (YouTube)

Mark Kilroy photos:
Mark Kilroy 1
Mark Kilroy 2
Adolfo de Jesús Constanzo
Cauldron used by cult

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