004 Crooks & Nannies

Welcome! In this ep, Alex tells CJ and Lauren about the truly haunting murder of Tatiana “Tanya” Strakhova from Russia, and Lauren discusses the years-long stalking case of Melissa Anelli, famed Harry Potter fandom expert.

Content warning: sexual assault, murder, toxic masculinity, stalking, emotional abuse, psychological abuse

Highlights: russian social politics, tanya strakhova, artyom iskhakov, harry potter, melissa anelli, jessica parker, jk rowling

Tanya Strakhova sources:
Meduza article
Inforesist article
life.ru article
ntv.ru article
msk article
Buzzfeed article

Tanya Strakhova photos:
Tanya Strakhova

Melissa Anelli sources:
Melissa’s website
Melissa’s Tumblr

Criminal episode
USA Today article
NPR article
NY Post article
Harry, A History Amazon page
Tripwire article
Reddit AMA

Melissa Anelli photos:
Melissa Anelli
Jessica’s blog post 1
Jessica with Anelli’s book
Anonymous Tumblr message 1
Anonymous Tumblr message 2
Jessica’s tattoo

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2 thoughts on “004 Crooks & Nannies

  1. This is a great podcast episode, but you should really keep the “um”s and “ah”s to a minimum. Also, I wish you’d have gotten rid of the beeping sound that dominates the last part of the podcast. Otherwise, keep up the good work!


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